TNBuilt-West – World’s best scale models

We manufacture world class high-end scale models.

Why TNBuilt-West scale models?
• Ultimate detail for amazing beauty;
• High grade manufacturing materials for the best quality;
• Fastest order-to-delivery time in the industry;
• Any scale and any size;
• Latest digital tech (projection, led screens, immersive reality, etc.) associated with models;
• Competitive prices;
• Door-to-door world-wide shipping;
• Worldwide assistance.

Any scale model
We manufacture any type of scale model: architectural, master planning, naval (from yachts to dredger boats), industry, oil and gas (tankers, oil platforms, FPSO’s, etc.), heavy parts and components such engines and pumps.

Scale model for trade shows
We manufacture all kind of content for trade shows: real estate developers, tourism, naval, defense, aerospace, automobiles, parts and components, etc.
Have you considered the logistic costs to display you new 5 tons pump in a trade show? We can do the same pump at 1:1 scale with sectional cuts and rotation motion weighting 1/10 of the original mass?

Scale models content for Museums and Universities
We can do all kind of contents or replicas for museums and universities: energy museums, oil & gas museums, study replicas, structures, buildings, airplanes and space ships,... you name it.

For better communication and more attractive visitor’s experiences we also develop digital technologies associated with physical models:
• Digital projection on scale models;
• Augmented reality;
• LED screens providing extra information about the content;
• Holograms;
• LED lightning to increase realism;
• Models with mechanic movement remotely controlled by your visitors on a tablet;
• …

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Digital Reality & Interaction

Architectural Models

Master plannings


Parts & Mechanisms