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Visitors Experience


Use of Models and Replicas to attract visitors and improve their experience at your Museum.

The use of Models in Museums offers a great impact attracting the attention of the visitors and offering them an enhanced experience when compared with other presentation processes such as a simple board or TV display.

TNBuilt-West uses digital reality combined with scale models that allows the museum exposition to get as close to reality as possible, showing visitors the models inserted in environments and real life scenarios.

We can do whatever model or replica you desire: from the scale model of a city or landscape to any type of ancient artifact, we can do it all in the most detailed way to create realism and amazing impact on visitors.

A model is the most exciting way to communicate an idea, and it is proven to be appreciated by all kinds of publics: individuals, families, professionals, students, Childs. The goal of using scale models is to offer the most close to reality experience to visitors and to cause “Wow effect”.

Detailed physical scale models and digital reality are very important elements that combined together create great impact, attracting the attention of visitors and offering a unique enhanced experience very close to reality when compared with other presentation processes.