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The best of two worlds

High detail scale model

The Next Universal Expo: Dubai EXPO2020
TNBuilt-West is the Partner of Your Participation

From October 2020 to April 2021, we help your Country to be on the biggest event of the World:
– Pavilion Architecture, Design and Construction
– Interior Design
– Pavilion Content
– Visitors Experience

Be a Reference

TNBuilt-West is your partner in the development or renewal of your museum.
– Looking for a special element to expose in your museum ?
– Want a more exciting visitors experience ?
– Thinking on how digital technologies can introduce excitement on historic contents or objects?
– Looking for a partner to provide a turn-key solution for a complete new museum?


The Scale Models to Show Your Prestige and Successful

Discover the World’s Best Scale Models


Architectural Models

Master plannings


Parts & Mechanisms

Digital Reality & Interaction

One More Thing​

I have been asked many times about the importance of model making and why I have such pleasure and passion for this specific area…

It´s all about working together, helping someone bring their idea to life, contributing in turning a project into a successful realization by expressing and communicating visually the full extent of an intention.

It is a pleasure to make each customer feel unique, for they are the most important part of our business and we work believing that their success means our success!

Luis Almeida

TNBuilt-West Executive Director