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EXPO2020 Pavilion

EXPO2020 in Dubai

The final setup for your Pavilion

EXPO2020 is considered to be the biggest multi-country event this decade, along with the Olympic Games, and will be the showroom of the entire world that will meet together, creating a true character of universality, raising awareness and finding responses to universal challenges of our time under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

TNBuilt-West is the partner you need to assist you on the final setup of your Pavilion for this major event in Dubai.

We are a registered supplier at EXPO2020 and we can help you with any final detail you need to your Pavilion at EXPO2020.
- Do you need any replica or content?
- Do you need any digital development?
- Do you need any last minute need?
Please contact us. We are pleased to support you.
Large scale model